Nutrition Services Program

CHSC has been providing nutrition care to Iowa's children and youth with special health care needs for over twenty years. Because children and youth with special health care needs often have nutrition, growth, and/or feeding challenges, CHSC assures access to a registered dietitian (RD), either by helping families find a RD in their community, or by providing direct care nutrition services if no RD is available within a community. CHSC also partners with the Department of Education to provide nutrition services to children 0-3 years old as part of early intervention services available through the Early ACCESS program. RDs provide screening, nutrition assessment, and follow-up care across Iowa by utilizing telehealth technology to videoconference with the patient and family.

CHSC works with community partners to assure families of children and youth with special health care needs understand the importance of nutrition and can access specialized nutrition services when those services are needed.

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